Post 1948

Following the demob of the National Fire Service and the return to local authority control, Glasgow were the proud owners of a mixed fleet of remnants from the NFS, AFS, and pre war appliances, some of which had not come from Glasgow in the first place.

A major renewal programme was embarked upon and many new and exciting vehicles were bought to replace the ageing fleet.


Some of the more interesting vehicles are shown here:

This Leyland FE3 was delivered as a pump and after several years in use as such, the brigade converted it in house to a "Monitor Wagon" by removing the original bodywork and fitting a Sarah Dixon 2.5 inch monitor at the rear. The monitor was plumbed into the existing Rees Roturbo 4 stage 1200 g.p.m. pump. (Photo Glasgow F.S.)

BGG305 was a 1937 Leyland Emergency Tender which was stationed at Ingram Street, the Central station for the City. (Photo Ian Scott)

CGE756 of 1937 was an Albion/Kerr Limosine pump and saw service at the North West station at Kelbourne Street, Maryhill. (Photo J.Slater Collection)

AYS524 was a 1938 Dennis/Morris/Magirus which cost the city the pricely sum of 3520-00! This photograph is of an Ian Scott original water colour.

Another of Ian Scott's masterpieces depicts DGE944 "The Camel" as it was lovingly referred to by crews! This 1940 leyland with Rees Roturb pump served at Ingram Street.

PUS258, a 1956 Dennis F12 Pump Escape at North West station, the vehicle later served at Parkhead's in Glasgow's East End - an Area better known as home to Celtic Footbal Club. (Photo Ron Henderson)

The west of the city was covered by Partick, the line up here is (L to R) MGB853, a 1954 Dennis F14/Dennis/Metz 100' TL, YGG209, a unique 1959 Leyland Firemaster with bodywork by David Haydon. This vehicle ran as the Pump Escape. Running as pump, 941FGE a 1962 AEC Marquis with bodywork again by Haydon's. This photo was taken on Grand National Day 1974(Photo Ron Henderson)

YGG209 detailed above at Partick, is now preserved by Glasgow City Museums in the Glasgow Transport Museum at the Kelvin Hall (Photo Andy Anderson)

A second Firemaster pump escape was delivered in 1960. This one was bodied by Cockers and was stationed at North West. Seen here turning out to a chimney fire. (Photo Ron Henderson)





1960 AEC Mercury 513BGE was originally delivered with a Merryweather A type 100' turntable ladder. In 1969 the ladders were removed and replaced with a Simon SS65 Hydraulic Platform, the vehicle was then allocated to Parkhead. (Photo Gordon Rothwell)





514BGE, sister of the above vehicle remained as a turntable ladder throughout it's career at Govan. (Photo Arthur Smith)





733CGD was one of two 1962 AEC Mercury pumps bodied by Merryweather. This vehicle was stationed at the North station. (Photo Ron Henderson)




Delivered in 1963, 867HGB was one of two AEC Mercury appliances with Emergency Tender bodywork by Carmichael's. Initially serving at Ingram Street, the vehicle transferred to B1 South. (Photo Arthur Smith)

In 1963, Glasgow renewed their acquaintance with Magirus ladders. This one, 65 KGA, being mounted on the ever faithfull AEC Mercury chassis. Bodied by Haydon's, it is interesting to note this vehicle was fitted with "slam" doors rather than the more common AEC "Slide" doors. (Photo Gordon Rothwell)

PGB276F was one of 4 Magirus Deutz pump escapes delivered in 1969. These were the first forward controlled trucks to be built by the company. This example served at Govan. (Photo Arthur Smith)

RGD999G, an AEC Mercury 7 chassis with Simon SS65 booms and bodywork by Bennetts served at North West. (Photo Ron Henderson)

Stationed at the South station was BGG736K, one of two identical Landrover/Bennett Road Rescue Units. (Photo Alistair MacDonald)

VGG291H was a unique Magirus Deutz appliance, with a Magirus 30 metre ladder set fitted with a fire & rescue cage. This appliance is one of only four known to have been built and was the only one to come to the UK. The appliance was stationed at West Marine on the banks of the River Clyde (Photo Ron Henderson)

No trip to the Glasgow Fire Service vehicle archives would be justified without mentioning the Scooshers! SGE700G was one of the initial batch of 3 based on lightweight Dennis D chassis, bodied by Bennetts and carrying unique Scoosher Mk1 booms. these carried a monitor, flame detector and a patent window breaking device. 700 was stationed at Anderston station, built on top of the Anderston Complex, the area these appliances were designed to protect. (Photo Arthur Smith)

With Anderston protected, the brigade realised the full potential of Scooshers could be utilised by making a larger example. WGA714H which served at Govan and is now preserved by Donald McCulloch, was on of 5 larger Mk2 versions based on Dennis F46A chassis. (Photo Andy Anderson)





The final 6 Mk2s, often referred to as the Mk2A, were based on the powerful Dodge K850 chassis with bodywork by Carmichaels. GGE394L served at B1 South. (Photo Gordon Rothwell)


Hopefully you've enjoyed this nostalgic trip through the post war fleet of Glasgow Fire Service. I will extend the Glasgow pages to cover more about the City's Fire Service and it's history soon.


Andy Anderson


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